eUpdate - 2024

Research shows Andrew Tate’s effect on school boys

SA leads nation in school-based autism assessments

Menstrual education too late

Violent videos left online

Give sex ed control back to parents

NSW deputy principals to return to teaching


Strategy to improve autistic students’ learning outcomes

Social media boundaries improve teen sleep

Creative kids are confident kids

Should schools be put into families

AI child exploitation images

Inquiry into civics and citizenship education


SA to bring in preschool based OSHC to support parents

SA unis offering new degrees to build education workforce

Education isn’t a one size fits all approach

Call for Labor to scrap child care subsidy activity test

Kids shouldn’t have smartphones before age 14

SA’s top high school debaters


Independent MP backs bill for $10 a day cap on childcare

Australia’s best teachers campaign

Does learning outdoors make a difference

Governments fully fund NT schools with $1b

The problem of school bullying

High school teachers cleared to teach TAFE


We absolutely need you – girls interested in STEM

New SA campaign to give children best start in life

Maths homework causing more harm than good

Child suicide risks at record high




$2.47b International education boom in SA

Road safety education revamp

Why every school should have an OT

Asbestos laying dormant in more than 500 SA public schools

Teen parliament 2024

Queensland students right to appeal suspensions


Ministers put principals on alert over vaping

$30 billion school infrastructure divide

New Covid surge hits SA classrooms

NSW teachers leave profession after 11 years

Top end schools install vape sensors

Right to disconnect


Tech college students guaranteed jobs

Teachers warn parents to ditch some lunchbox staples

The importance of play

Where are all the male teachers

Online ed grows as remote students remain behind in STEM

Free tech experience for all students


Specialist teacher workforce for SA public schools

New Maths test trial in SA schools

Bullied kids more likely to develop trust issues

Serious incidents at SA childcare on the rise

Government ups private funding

You should play computer games with your kid


Free laptops and internet for some students

Fewer males choosing to study teaching in SA

How SA’s phone ban is transforming schools

New child sex offender laws

Schools asked to watch for signs of forced marriage

Teachers vote on pay deal