Education Ombudsman


Since 2009 SAASSO has been calling for the State Labor Government to create an Education Ombudsman.

An Education Ombudsman would scrutinizeĀ theĀ education department, in interest of the public and investigate complaints of improper conduct.

For parents and teachers, an Education Ombudsman wouldĀ have the power to compel the education department to act – completelyĀ independent of the department and free fromĀ conflicts that are inherent in self-policing.

These requests have been rejected by the government, most recently by Premier Jay Weatherill in ‘The Advertiser’.

Ā “Around two thirds of OECD countries have an Ombudsman or agency to receive complaints related to public schools.”Ā Ā Ā  [OECD: Education At A Glance 2010]

SAASSO President’s Report

Education Ombudsman Submission

School Post

In the term 2, 2009 edition of School Post, SAASSO’s President wrote onĀ the need for anĀ ombudsman.

In February 2010, SAASSO included the call for an ombudsman in its State Election Submission.

A 2010 OECD report on how the rest of the world deals with parent complaints.


Education Ombudsman Bill

Parliament Speech


InĀ 2009, The Hon Robert Brokenshire (MLC) introducedĀ anĀ Ombudsman BillĀ into State Parliament – itĀ did not pass.


Mr. Brokenshire’s speech supporting the bill.