eUpdate - 2023

Sense of belonging helps students overcome setbacks

Preschools recognised in SA education awards

70% of students with a disability excluded at school

Will free degrees fix teacher shortage

Top researchers for ACU’s advanced literacy

Families long wait for free preschool


Single sex schools score higher NAPLAN marks

Second teacher strike called off

Dyslexia network calls for more support for struggling students

Switching off Sweden back to basics on paper

Concussion experts call for contact ban in junior sport

Words grow minds program expands


Police call for community unity as child sextortion cases grow

NAPLAN  what have we learned


Experts urge stronger link between pre and primary school

SA teachers may walk off again

Childcare safety incidents investigation


SA teacher strike

Gillard delivers royal commission into early childhood

Middle school leaders least happy

SA school suspension review

Teachers union boycott nuclear subs challenge in schools

Need to go beyond NAPLAN


NAPLAN how SA students stack up against the nation

ILF helping close the gap

SA teacher strike

NAPLAN how boys and girls compare

Fewer than 1 in 5 who are behind catch up

Importance of STEM activities in early childhood


Premier to spend $18m on female sports

SA taxpayers face annual $1 billion union demands bill

Plan to subsidise student mental health

Rising number of year 12 graduates heading straight to work

27 hours driving a week

Boarding school scholarships for Indigenous kids


Teaching non-maths to teachers to teach maths

Schools target for ransomware attacks

TAFE revolution: review finds system failed

OSHC services warned on quality

China to limit children’s smartphone time to 2 hours

Department criticised for $1.2m ad spend


Trial of maths checks for year 3 & 4 students

New app for parents

Driving force behind future teachers

New VIC schools given first generations names

NSW schools to teach impact of colonialism

Private school enrolments


Police launch safety blitz in SA school zones

Serious cyberbullying skyrockets in under 14s

Mid-year intake restored at preschools

10 ways to prevent cyberattacks in schools

What does a virtual school look like

Government expands graduate teacher program


ChatGPT style AI trial in SA schools

Childcare centres told to play by the rules

Combining maths and music leads to higher scores

Stopping the decline in attendance in remote schools

Childcare fees soar

Inadequate training fails teachers and students


12 year-olds signing up to adult dating apps

Latin 4th most taught language in English primary schools

School refusal increasing

Schoolkids uploading vicious footage for likes

US kids to learn mindful breathing

Don’t quit swimming lessons over winter


Underperforming schools target of new standards push

Teacher code of conduct

Kids verdict of public transport

Rural students not behind because of socio-economic status

SA study calls for culturally sensitive school policies


SA parents not confident sending kids to OSHC

1 in 3 high school maths teachers teaching out of field

Childcare centres capping enrolments staff crisis bites in SA

Families struggle to access SA preschool

New push to allow high schoolers to vote

Number of non-binary kids skyrocketing in VIC


Free breakfast

Call to extend school hours

Infrastructure upgrades to 66 schools

20% of Australian students don’t finish high school

Kids with concussion less likely to finish high school

45,000 kids in Aussie care maltreated


Schools missing out on gifted students

Childcare survey

Reading aloud can improve literacy skills

New NAPLAN grades hiding poor performance

Calls to change childcare licensing criteria

How teachers can support students with ADHD


STEM student shortage risks national security crisis

SA kindy kids kicked out of class

Most young Australians can’t pass financial literacy test

Reducing bullying in primary schools

Air pollution link to ADHD

National parent and teacher survey


Experts to lead consent education overhaul

Reading skills remained stable during Covid

Desperate parents seek help to combat issues kids face

New school campaign to stop vaping

Subs in schools program

New online safety resources for teachers


Struggling students get free tutoring

Thousands of schools to receive infrastructure funding

Nationwide ban on vapes announced

ChatGPT passes grade with teachers

Sturt Street School 140th anniversary

Uni tutors help pupils double scores in English


Price tag for preschool promise

School uniforms linked to increased harassment

Women alienated from STEM careers

Reducing screen time during holidays

Nature-based play

New resources for managing student behaviour


Students lead anti-bullying plan

Universities struggling to place student teachers

New anti-bullying method proves effective: study

Push for more sex education at school

NSW to ban mobile phones

Boost for student wellbeing


Higher ATAR may be needed to study teaching

NAPLAN seamless transition

Expert panel to guide sweeping education reform

School absences understanding kids essential

Union slams NAPLAN changes

Nature play underused by schools



Teaching awards

MySchool website

Is 13 too young for Instagram or TikTok

Explore a farm program

Too many kids miss Naplan


Why students need phone ban

School Post

New teachers perform as well as experienced teachers

Parliament reform to report SACE results for children in care

Students who skip ATAR more likely to drop out of uni

Phone ban adverts


Alarming number of children locked in cars

NSW top teachers’ $40,000 pay rise

New plan to fix Australia’s schools

SA department chief urges teachers to use ChatGPT

Parents speak out about exclusions

VIC school attendance plummets


SACE 2022 by the numbers

SA schools telling struggling students to quit

More than half of SA kids are living in disadvantage

School autism policy a good start

Murraylands school allows assistance dog

Spike in private enrolments


Mobile phone ban

Staff pressures are challenging SA’s preschools

Golden Grove High School

Australia’s public schools ban chatbot

Cutting teaching degrees won’t resolve shortages

Girls school bans footy