Fact Sheets

On this page are a set of SAASSO Fact Sheets – summarising the latest international data from the Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development (OECD) and the Programme For International Student Assessment (PISA) – comparing Australia with the rest of the world.



Class Size


Does class size have any real impact on your child’s education?


Time On Basics


How much time do your children spend learning the basics?


Student Background


How much does a child’s social and economic background influence their education?


Does Money Buy High Test Scores?


Is it how much we spend, or how we spend it that matters?


Health Benefits of Education


How does education impact on obesity and smoking?



Dollars Spent Per Child


How much do we spend per school student?


Public Vs. Private


Compared with other countries, just how many of our children attend public schools?


Teacher Pay


How well are our teachers paid, by international standards?


Child Work Hours


Australia is among a small group of nations with with high levels of working students.