Survey 29 – State Of Education Term 2 2021 – December, 2021

972 respondents completed SAASSO’s latest ‘State of Education’ survey.

“68.60% of respondents voted no the Children’s Commissioner’s call for parents to lose the right to remove their children from sex education classes.”

I’m a teacher and what gets taught in sex Ed varies wildly from class to class. I wouldn’t let my kids hear some of the rubbish that is sprouted.

As a principal, I’m not sure schools should be teaching about relationships in the first place.

Uniforms are a good idea. Some childcare for kids of unemployed parents but not every day of the week. As for parents having no rights when it comes to sex Ed – disgusting.

I respect the need for sex and relationships education but you can’t say parents have no rights in what their children are taught.

Survey 28 – Child Indoctrination Bills – March, 2021

SAASSO was invited by the Australian Senate to offer feedback on a proposal to amend the Australian Education Act 2013.

“Asked if we need new laws to protect children from indoctrination in school, 67.74% voted no.”

I’m against gay bashing and climate change is science, but anything to make public schools more accountable.

When did we become America?

Ridiculous idea.

I think many people are still confused by the gender issues.

Survey 26 – Period Poverty – November 27, 2019

A new report recommends schools provide free, easily accessible sanitary products to female students.

“79.41% of respondents voted yes to schools providing free sanitary products to girls.”

It’s a basic necessity that more and more families are unable to afford.

I support your survey but I find the image you have used in poor taste.

Great idea. Better than us teachers paying for them out of our pockets. thanks SAASSO.

Parents should provide for their daughter.

Survey 24 – Reward Free Schools – June 24, 2019

Some schools are doing away with ribbons, medals, trophies and participation certificates – shifting the focus to learning, rather than a prize.

“36.63% of respondents voted to change sports day so that children compete against their own person best times, rather than each other.”

Let the kids enjoy sports and not be so competitive … it’s about having fun.

Children need to learn how to lose. They need to learn it’s not all great in the wide world.

Why can’t it be both?

For every winner there’s 10 losers.

Survey 23 – State Of Education Term 1 2019 – April 10, 2019

With a federal election looming, education promises are starting to flow. SAASSO recently asked parents and educators what they think.

“60.1% of respondents support Labor’s plan to set a minimum ATAR of 80 for those wanting to enter the teaching profession.”

Smart teachers = educated students.

We should be encouraging our best teachers into regional communities not those straight out of uni.

I don’t know if an arbitrary score of 80 is the best way but we desperately need to do something to bring better candidates into teaching.

A higher ATAR is a first step to returning the prestige and appeal of the profession.

Survey 22 – Bullying 2018 – November 13, 2018

One idea being considered to to stop bullying is banning serial serial bullies from using computers and mobile phones at school.

“82% of respondents voted to ban serial bullies from using computers and mobile phones at school.”

It’s not just the students who bully – staff do it too, and it’s more serious! This should be a police matter.

Mobile phones yes Рcomputers no Рso they are  able to do their work Рunder very close supervision eg computer access on for a task.

Zero tolerance.

I think all students should be banned from using mobile phones at school.

Survey 19 – State Of Education Term 2, 2018 – July 11, 2018

Since the Liberals swept to power at the state election, there has been  no shortage of new ideas proposed for education.

“62% of respondents voted in favour of sniffer dogs in schools to combat drugs.”

Not enough is being done in schools to stop bullying. Mobile phones should be banned from schools.

Fining parents will not change bullies.

Of course teachers should have to be proficient before being given a job for life.

The failure of the research project is like any other reasonable idea. It’s only as good as its implementation.

Survey 18 – Election 2018 – March 18, 2018

With the state election looming, SAASSO asked parents & educators a series of questions about the future of education in South Australia.

“69% of respondents voted for an independent Education Ombudsman.”

I’m a teacher and a parent and as both I need someone to complain to about the education department.

Yes to an ombudsman. No faith in DECD.

I have experienced the Dept. investigating itself … Bring on the Ombudsman or an Education ICAC.

If that money was given to public high schools, we would have over a million dollars each to make real improvements. These laptops will be gone in 12 months.

Survey 17 – TAFE – March 5, 2018

SAASSO asked parents if the TAFE board should be sacked.

“74% of respondents voted to sack the TAFE board.”

TAFE needs to go back to being government run, with permanent teaching staff.

Individuals need to be held accountable for mismanagement.

TAFE was the last part of SA education that wasn’t a complete joke.

It’s one disaster after another.

Survey 16 – Forced Enrolments – November 27, 2017

SAASSO asked parents if forcing bullies to move schools would help stop bullying.

“65% of respondents voted no to the Weatherill Government’s plan to move bullies to other schools.”

Fix the problem. Don’t just move it on.

How about some genuine investment in treating he causes of bullying?

Just moving to a new school will give them another place to bully.


Survey 15 – Bullying Laws – September 19, 2017

SAASSO¬†asked parents if the topic of forced marriage should be taught in SA’s public schools.

“80% of respondents want the Weatherill Government to toughen laws on bullying.”

I have both been a victim of bullying while at school and I have now seen if first hand while working at a school. The problem has only become worse, not better.

Lost my niece at 16 to teen suicide through bullying. These people need to be made accountable.


Extreme but necessary.

We aren’t equipped to deal with prolonged bullying in schools.

Survey 13 – Forced Marriage – September 7, 2017

SAASSO¬†asked parents if the topic of forced marriage should be taught in SA’s public schools.

“65% of respondents believe schools should teach children about forced marriage.”

Children need to be aware of their rights just as adults do.

This would be better communicated by experts brought into schools.


Please get back to teaching!!

Thanks SAASSO. This is the first our school has heard of this proposal.

Survey 12 – Christmas Carols – August 7, 2017

SAASSO¬†asked parents if Christmas carols should be banned in SA’s public schools.

“Only 1.62% of respondents believe Christmas carols should be banned in SA’s public schools.”

Please don’t ban carols, they are a wonderful way of bringing the whole school community together. I have 3 kids and they love singing them.

I think someone has too much tome on their hands.


Time for the SA Education Department to stop trying to find ways to make waves and actually do something to strengthen learning in our schools.

Political correctness gone way too far.

Survey 11 – Transgender Policy – June 19, 2017

SAASSO asked parents and educators who should approve children transitioning gender at school.

“Only 17% of respondents believe principals should make decisions on children transitioning gender.”

As principals we should adhere to the advice of experts.

I’m a principal and this is not the business of schools.


How can it be lawful for the government to tell a parents they are changing the sex of their child?

This should be up to children, their parents and specialists. Why are schools being dragged into this?

Survey 10 – School Uniforms – May 31, 2017


SAASSO¬†asked parents and educators if it was time to rethink making female students wear a traditional ‘girl’ uniform.

“90% of respondents do not believe females should have to dress like ‘girls’.”

What century are we living in where girls are expected to dress in pretty little dresses?

My 15 year-old raised this with me as an issue.


High schools have a culture of treating teenagers like children, while expecting them to act like adults. There should be a dress code but no uniform.

I definitely support compulsory uniforms – makes it easier for teachers to identify if anyone is at the school who doesn’t belong, is easier for parents to manage and reduces competition among kids.

Survey 9 – State Of Education: Term 1 2017 – March 28, 2017

SAASSO Survey 9 - State Of Education Term 1 2017

SAASSO asked parents and educators a range of questions on the state of public education in term 1 Рincluding the controversial teacher burnout bonus.

“More than 90% of parent voted no to the burnout bonus.”

How do I tell parents there is no money for programs for their children, but we  have money for bonuses for uninterested children?

I’ve never told of a bullying policy. Whatever it is it isn’t working.


Getting some bad teachers out of schools won’t keep excellent teachers in.

The bullying policy was obviously authored by people who had never set foot in a public school.

Survey 8 – Truancy & Principal’s Powers – March 21, 2017

SAASSO Survey 8 - Truancy Principal Powers - March 2017


SAASSO asked parents and educators if the Weatherill government’s new truancy fines will work and if principals should be able to hire and fire teachers.

“There was across the board condemnation of the use of fines to deal with truancy – with comments labelling it harmful, out of date and ill-considered.”

As an educator it is genuinely worrying that our state government thinks these type of draconian measures will result in any improvement.

If a fine of $500 is not working then $5000 is pointless. Most families can’t afford the former let alone the latter!


What a moronic idea! How are we supposed to build relationships with the families of at-risk students if we are prosecuting them?

Disengagement is a complex issue. It is both distressing and laughable that premier Weatherill thinks you can financially bully people into overcoming difficulties.

Survey 7 – Child Protection – December 19, 2016


SAASSO asked parents and educators if they trust the Weatherill government will fix SA’s child protection system.

“19.55% of respondents believe the Weatherill Government will fix the child protection system in South Australia.”

It can take 3 hours to talk to someone at the hotline … If you report online your report doesn’t get read for months.

An education minister who doesn’t read. Enough said..


Close’s comment was shameful, but with the department she has to work with, it’s sadly accurate.

The problem isn’t money. It’s the rotten culture in the department.

Survey 6 – Student Fitness Tests – December 5, 2016


SAASSO asked parents and educators if NAPLAN should include tests for physical fitness.

“46.45% of respondents think student fitness tests should be included in NAPLAN.”

Qualified PE teachers can have a big impact on children’s engagement and fitness levels.

The premiers be active challenge is a joke. It kept the name of the be active challenge but the premier kept all the funding.


All teachers should be able to teach fitness and movement.

You don’t need to be a specialist to teach kids how to run and throw a ball.

Survey 5 – All-Girl Schools – November 25, 2016


SAASSO asked parents and educators if SA should offer more all-girl schools to public students.

“61.45% of respondents want more all-girl public schools in South Australia.”

I teach in a co-ed school and that is why my daughters are in an all-girl school.

How are boys going to learn to interact appropriately with girls if they never see them?


We need single sex primary schools. By the time they are in high school all the damage to their identity has been done.

I had the benefit of an all girls education, and realise what a distraction boys would have been during the hormonal teens!


Survey 4 – Children’s Commissioner – August 29, 2016

SAASSO Survey 4 - Childrens Commissioner - August 29 2016

SAASSO asked parents and school staff what powers a Children’s Commissioner should have.

“97.8% of respondents want a commissioner to have the power to investigate individual complaints.”

Someone needs to protect our children.
Toothless tiger – just what we need.
Our children have the right to be represented fairly and equitably. Without independent investigations, and the power to act on the findings, our most vulnerable citizens – our children – are without voice.
No independence, no trust. It’s that simple.
How many royal commissions will it take before Weatherill gets the message?
To be effective a commissioner needs royal commissioner powers.

Survey 3 – Police Checks – August 17, 2016

SAASSO Survey - Police Checks - August 17 2016

SAASSO asked parents and school staff whether all volunteers – including parents – should have to pass a criminal history check.

“94.44% of respondents stated that all parents should have to pass a police check to volunteer in schools.”

Yes, please check us!”
The safety of our children is paramount and goes beyond money!
How can Weatherill think not checking backgrounds will protect children?
Unfair to place the responsibility on principals. We have enough to do.
Ridiculous idea. This government knows nothing about child protection. For shame.

Survey 2 – Sex Education – July 4, 2016

SAASSO Survey - Sex Education - July 4 2016

With the controversy surrounding the Safe Schools program, SAASSO surveyed parent attitudes toward homosexual and transgender information being included in school sex education programs.

“91.44% of respondents want gender diverse subjects included.”

Teachers need to be trained to teach as a a specialist subject.


ShineSA program is terrific; their staff are very supportive.


I don’t agree with this policy at all its taking the right of parents ¬†and giving it to the mob that think they know better than parents.

Transgender and same sex relationships should be part of health education in high school.

Survey 2 – Fast Food Outlets – July 4, 2016

SAASSO Survey - Fast Food - July 4 2016

A new UniSA study has revealed that schools in disadvantaged areas are ten times more likely to have fast food outlets nearby.

SAASSO asked parents if fast food outlets should be banned from opening near schools.

“An overwhelming 88.54% of respondents want fast food outlets banned from opening near schools.”

They should be too far away to walk to during lunch.


You will never stop fast food outlets from opening near school. Adelaide high and the Mcdonalds on Hindley street are just about as close as you can get. We just need to keep educating better.
Definitely outside of a 10-15 minutes walking distance.


Survey 1 – School Hours June 27, 2016

SAASSO Survey - School Hours - June 27 2016

Read the results of SAASSO’s survey on whether school hours should be reviewed.

“65.63% of respondents voted that schools should extend their hours.”

In any other workplace, if you aren’t getting the job done you stay back and finish! Obviously 5 hours a day isn’t getting the job done!¬†
I can see longer hours benefiting parents that work, however teachers are stretched now to do the hours.
Absolutely. Schools should be about what is best for the kids and not what is convenient for the teachers.
I feel the school hours are sufficient. Children need recreation and family time.