Aboriginal Education

iStock_000011529735MediumAs of 2014, over 192,000 Indigenous children are enrolled across more than 9,000 Australian schools – making up 6.7% of total enrollments in government schools.

For more information on Indigenous education, please see the resources below. For additional resources, visit one of these sites:

♦ Australian Indigenous Education Foundation
♦ indigenous.gov.au



School Post: Closing the Gap – Tony Abbott’s Report

School Post: Indigenous Education – The Strategy

Indigenous Education Closing the Gap Summary - Tony Abbott's Report - SAASSO School Post Term 1, 2016

In 2015, Tony Abbott released the
seventh ‘Closing the Gap Report’ since
targets were set by the Council of
Australian Governments  in
Indigenous Education The Strategy - SAASSO School Post Term 1, 2016

Under the Strategy, education ministers have agreed to a set of
principles and priorities that should underpin the approach taken
by all education systems.


Action Plan


Indigenous Education 2012 by The Centre for Independent Studies.

Indigenous Education Action Plan Draft 2010 – 2014 by MCEECDYA.

DECD Aboriginal Strategy 2013-2016

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