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Update: 28/11/14

SAASSO - Minister Letter Student Disability Report - 26.11.14It was recently revealed that the Pricewaterhouse Coopers has completed a survey of schools for the nation’s education ministers. The report was commissioned to determine the support provided to special needs students. The findings paint a dramatically different picture to conventional opinion.

The research found almost double the number of children with disabilities than was previously estimated. This is more than three times higher than the number of students currently receiving funding.

The nation’s ministers have, however, decided to keep the report under wraps for at least another year.

SAASSO has written to South Australia’s education minister, Jennifer Rankine, asking that she release the report to our state’s parents and education community – who we believe have the right to know the true situation with our special needs children.

We look forward to Minister Rankine’s reply and hopefully release of the report.



The number of students with special needs in South Australian schools has been rising for years, and recently, the well publicised discussion surrounding the Gonski Review of school funding has brought special needs education into the limelight. The review showed that 7.1% of SA students have a disability, yet the funding currently committed to those students is well below that committed by other states.

While by no means exhausting, below are some resources relevant to special needs education in South Australia.


SAASSO Federal Election Submission 2010

SAASSO State Election Submission        2010

SAASSO listed Special Needs Education as a priority in a submission to the 2010 Federal Election.

Special Needs Education was also a priority in SAASSO’s 2010 State Election submission.

Special Needs Interview - SAASSO School Post Term 3, 2015

School Post

Term 3, 2015

Interview with MLC Dignity for Disability’s Kelly Vincent

Parliamentary Inquiry - Special Needs Education in South Australia - SAASSO School Post Term 3, 2015

School Post

Term 3, 2015

Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Needs Education in SA.

Dyslexia - SAASSO School Post Term 1 2012

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Term 1, 2012


School Post

Term 4, 2011

Recognising ADHD

School Post

Term 3, 2010

Negotiated Education Plans


School Post

Term 4, 2009

Special Needs Students


School Post

Term 2, 2008

Sexual Education for Special Needs Students

School Post

Term 1, 2008

Special Needs Education


“Every student with a disability has the right to gain the necessary knowledges, skills and attributes to achieve to their highest level of learning…. “


Guidance for using the Australian Curriculum for Students with Special Education Needs

Protecting Children and Young People with Disability

Education and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Australia

Guidance from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

A guide for parents and carers.

A position paper from the Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders, April 2010.


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