Extra Curricular Programs

There are a number of subjects outside what is considered core curriculum – English, maths, science – which are still vital to children’s education and development. These include;

  • Music
  • Languages
  • Road safety and
  • Financial literacy.

Also not to be forgotten are programs run by schools to assist students with different needs than their peers, such as gifted children.


School Post: Music Education

School Post: Children studying second languages

School Post: Gifted Education

An article highlighting the importance of music education, and its decline in South Australian schools.

A brief look into the benefits of studying a second language, and the state of language education in South Australia.

An article exploring what ‘gifted education’ means, what the key issues are and what are some possible solutions.


School Post: Road Safety

School Post: Financial Literacy

An outline of the road safety strategies put in place by SAPOL, the RAA and the Motor Accident Commission to reduce fatalities on SA roads.

A summary of the meaning of financial literacy, its place in schools, and tips for teaching children to be financially literate.