“Unlike the Liberals who closed 65 schools with no consultation, I reiterate my commitment that there will be no closure of schools without the support of the local school communities.” [Jane Lomax-Smith, Education Minister 20/9/2006]


Forced School Closures


In 2010, Jay Weatherill announced he would force nearly 70 public schools to merge – to cut $5.5 million from the state budget. Mr. WeatherillĀ backed down on forcing high school amalgamations, but 42 primary schools remained on his list.

In 2011 outraged parents formed the ‘Save Our Schools Alliance’, to fight Jay Weatherill’s plan. Facing broad community opposition, the State Government was forced to convene numerous review panels.

Despite many reviews concluding the schools should not beĀ amalgamated – in May 2012, the State Government announced amalgamations would happen.



Super Schools


In 2006, the State Labor Government announced plans to close dozens of schools and merge them into larger schools and build six ā€˜super schoolsā€™.

The new schools were to offer better infrastructure, broader curriculum choice andĀ economies of scale.

Early interest in novel facilities quickly gave way to community concern and opposition.

Parents, the AEU, principals and education experts questioned if massive hub schools, with large populations, across broader age groups, would improve education or just save money.