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Bullying - "More than 80% of students who have been bullied, have been involved in both face to face and cyber bullying."
Cyber Safety - "65% of Australian parents do not take precautions when their children are online."
Development - "Up to 28% of boys and 19% of girls aged 8 and 9 were considered 'far below average' or 'below average' in language and literacy skills..."
Health & Fitness - "45% of SA children aged 5 to 6 had decayed, missing or filled baby teeth."

Protection – "The state’s child protection system is in crisis, with a rotten culture and bullying rife within Families SA."

Sexual Health "Between 1997 and 2008 the occurrence of Chlamydia in SA more than tripled, and the recorded cases of Syphilis and Gonorrhoea almost doubled."
Youth - "The issue of most concern to young people in 2011 was school or study problems."




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Our Land, Our Languages - SAASSO School Post Term 4 2012