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In the last decade there has been a high level of discussion and community concern over the presence of bullying and violence in schools.

As a result of these concerns all schools are required to:

  • Have an anti-bullying policy or a section on anti-bullying included within their Student Behaviour Management policy / Student Code of Conduct.
  • Have an easily locatable and well publicised link on their website to the anti-bullying policy.
  • Review their anti-bullying policy annually and involve parents and students in this process.
  • Provide the Governing Council with updates each term in relation to school bullying and any anti-bullying programs in place or being considered. This report is to be made available to the school community via the school newsletter and be on the school’s website for easy access.
  • Include a requirement for parents and/or students to annually acknowledge/agree to the Student Code of Conduct / Behaviour Management Policy.


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